Are you getting the most out of your KiwiSaver?   For a lot of New Zealanders the answer is ‘no’.  Nearly one third of Kiwi’s don’t know what sort of fund their KiwiSaver is invested in, and the majority of us are stuck in a default KiwiSaver scheme.  This means many aren’t making the most of their investments potential. 

Warren Storm Lifebrokers work alongside a number of different KiwiSaver providers including Amanah, ANZ, Booster, Fisher Funds and Generate to help get Kiwi’s into the KiwiSaver fund best suited to them.  The best fund to be in can depend on your personal circumstance, your risk profile and how many working years you have left until retirement. 

Many of the providers we work with are New Zealand owned KiwiSaver specialists, and they not only keep you up to date with how your investment is tracking, you can also choose to invest your money in socially responsible funds, and know that you are making the most out of your investment.