Claims History

A letter form a very satisfied client....

Dear Warren

Just a short (very overdue) note, on behalf of my entire family, to thank you very much for your invaluable advice and service.  We really appreicate the help you have given us.

Life, health and critical illness cover are all insurances I hated paying for.  It seemed like such a waste of money.  Life was good.  Business was good. Health was good.  Children were growing up and we were about to enter "our time".  I was seriously contemplating scaling back my insurances.  Then my wife and I were both struck by cancer and underwent surgery within a fortnight of each other, and things began to unravel.  Two of our children also required minor surgeries at about the same time.  Then I needed a shoulder operation that put me off work for six months.  That period of convalescence was punctuated by a lumbar disc prolapse.  Suddenly, life was more challenging.

Thank God I had accepted Warren's advice years earlier, and at our periodic insurance reviews since.  Thanks to Warren, we were able to get through those difficult couple of years.  The insurances we had in place made all the difference between sinking and swimming.  When it came to a couple of minor disagreements with the insurer, Warren went in to bat to us... and won. 

Now when offered automatic annual CPI-based increases to my policies, I always elect for the maximum on offer.  Hard lesson learned, but the best I can do is share our experience with others who may benefit from our story.  Hopefully, they will never need to claim on their policies, but statistically it is inevitable that some will.

Warren, and his practice manager, Sandra, are ethical, professional, approachable and helpful.  They understand people and they understand business.  No wonder they are so highly regarded in their field.   I have no hesitation in recommending them to our closest family, friends and colleagues.

With kind regards

Dr Zaf Khouri BDS, Grad Dip Forensic Odont, NZSSM

Dental Surgeon and Consultant Forensic Odontologist

'Are you covered'? Critical Illness (Trauma)

Two years after taking out the cover Tony Burns suffered a traumatic critical illness.
"Thank goodness Warren recommended the cover. I was a sole practitioner dentist and I needed major surgery. When I had to stop working the money stopped coming in. The $50,000 lump sum for which I was insured, covered the loss of revenue from my business and prevented any additional pressure and stress being placed on myself and my family."
"The claim process was very smooth and my dealings with everyone at Warren's office were particularly pleasant. It is nice to deal with such a personal and diligent organisation that can do the best for you because of the respect they have from the insurance companies they place business with."
“To be honest I couldn't have had better insurance - I only wished I had taken Warren's advice and increased the amount I was covered for!”

Tony Burns

(In addition to the Critical Illness Cover, Tony was also covered for Life Insurance, Private Medical Insurance and Disability Income Protection. Warren provided additional support to Tony by personally organising his Private Hospital claim and personally negotiating his on-going Income Protection claim entitlement).

This could happen to you! Disability Income Protection (Income Cover)

'It will never happen to me.' Sound familiar? Unfortunately unforeseen events or tragedies can strike us at any time. Here is one example.

In early 2000, a professional woman in her 40's suffered the onset of a serious illness.  Fortunately, in 1993, on Warren's advice, she took out an Income Protection Policy which covered up to 75% of her salary.  This cover  will continue as long as her illness prevents her from working in her chosen vocation.

"I had a senior high-pressured job and worked long hours. With the right insurance cover in place I could stop work and prevent my health from deteriorating while still supporting my family and our household."

"Warren Storm Lifebrokers are here to help over this emotional time. The point of difference is the sincerity and personal nature of the service. Everyone in the organisation takes an interest and they are interested in what is important to me!"


(Postscript...this claim was paid for another three years until her untimely passing)