About Us


Warren Storm Lifebrokers are a Waikato based Insurance Broking firm specialising in financial risk assessment and insurance cover. With over 35 years in the business you can rest assured Warren Storm is an expert when it comes to your insurance.

Warren Storm Lifebrokers commenced in 1991. From April 1976 Warren worked for Prudential, a large traditional insurance  provider. However, Warren became aware of other companies having different and more innovative ways of doing things. Commencing Warren Storm Lifebrokers was a great opportunity to provide better service, an independent approach and choice. Warren found that because he was no longer solely required to offer one company's products he could provide a better solution for his clients from a variety of product providers.

Maurice Trapp Group

As part of our succession plan, from 8th June 2015 Maurice Trapp Group (MTG) became a major shareholder of Warren Storm Lifebrokers.  

We have worked closely with MTG over many years and by combining our teams we’ve been able to not only increase our depth of industry knowledge and offer our clients the very best of advice, we have also grown our presence across the country.  

To find out more about Maurice Trapp Group please visit www.mauricetrapp.co.nz 

Why we can help you

Insurance you can count on when you need it most.

Insurance - it's one of the few things you buy that you hope you'll never need. But when you do need it, a good insurance policy may be the most important investment you ever made.

The right insurance policy will protect you, your business and your family when things go wrong... and sadly, sometimes they do. You may become ill or suffer a disability that prevents you from earning at the same capacity that you do now. You may be off work for a limited period or an extended period. You may never recover to your full earning potential. Our job is to make sure that you understand the financial risks that you, your business and your family face if something goes wrong. We will work with you to develop an insurance cover that protects you from these risks. You will know that, when a claim needs to be made, you and your family and business partners are equally safe. You may never make a more important decision. 

And, best of all, when you need to make a claim you know you will have a policy that delivers what you need, when you need it most.